About Us

Hello Freshness. Welcome to Sea Fresh Trading

 We started distributing Frozen/Fresh Seafoods in 2006 in San Gabriel, CA. We have remained true to seafood from Asia, and when we started we sourced from one country. We have now expanded our sourcing from close to a dozen producing countries in Asia. We are direct importers with exclusive relationships with reputed producers in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and many more.  

We are now focusing on growing the business in North America and we supply our customers’ requirement, whether it is buying a couple of pallets through to container-loads. We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive quality products consistently, as we monitor the production process with our trained QC team who are there right from the time the raw material is received, processed and shipped.

We have over 25 years of experience in the seafood industry, covering production, quality control, sourcing, marketing and sales in various parts of the world. In those years of experience, we have noticed that a happy customer is one that receives quality products consistently. The quality of the product is not only determined by what reaches our customer, but also by the process you undertake in ensuring the quality of the product from day one. Thus, when we started our motto was to be our customers’ ‘Partner at the Source’.

All products we bring are packed under our supervision in our branded boxes and shipped directly to warehouses in North America. Because of this focus on quality seafood, we want to bring you products that are ‘Direct from the Source’, so you can ‘Expect Better Quality’ at competitive prices. Our QC team not only takes care of the quality, right from the time the raw material arrives at the plant through to the processing, and shipping, but also provide us with market intelligence in the form arrival patterns, price movement and raw material availability, which we share with our customers.

We also visit the plants on a regular basis to strengthen our relationship with our producers. We work with select plants in each area and work with them to ensure that our quality standards are maintained, and every shipment is consistent.


Have a look around and feel free to contact us. We are your ‘Partner at the Source’.